In a bid to continue fostering local music and cultural activities, organisers for the much-hyped show in the United States have announced the line-up of performers.

The show to be hosted by businessman and arts promoter Bevan Makaka of the Xcelerate fame, will be held on September 2 and dubbed “Zim Connect” in Dallas, Texas.

The event will see Tamy Moyo sharing the stage with Zimdancehall sensation Poptain, Enzo Ishall, urban groover ExQ, DJ Tamuka and Levels.

The local acts are also expected to tour the US, as well as connect with some artistes and business opportunities.

In an interview with The Herald, Makaka said he had always had a passion for promoting music and culture.

“We are working on some of the visas already and I would say preparations are at an advanced stage,” he said. “The show will be in Dallas and besides the main show, the artistes will have an opportunity for meet and greet with fans as well. There are great opportunities for artistes in the business sector that we will line up for them. They are going to be touring major cities and hopefully, they also visit Canada.”

Makaka said there was high demand for local live music.

“We have done the survey and seems there is a hunger for local live performances. This is not our first show as we tested the waters by starting off with a gospel show which featured Minister Michael Mahendere,” he said.

“It was very successful and our fans, later on, demanded that we can do a show not gospel related henceforth got in touch with some of the artistes who are the crowd’s favourite here. We are planning another gospel show which will see maybe Everton Mlalazi and Janet Manyowa. It is still in the diary.”

Makaka said the artistes who are travelling will have an opportunity to shoot musical videos if they want.

“Depending on their schedule, I am going to link them to some of the best videographers here and they can shoot their musical videos apart from having interviews with radio and television in the United States,” he said.

Commenting about the event, Enzo Ishall said he was more than ready.

“I am happy to be invited to take part in the Summer Festival in US and I am promising fireworks to my fans,” he said.

“I will perform new and old songs. I can’t say I will do a collaboration or video shoot in US, but if the resources permit, I will do magic.”

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